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About Us
Photograph of the American flagLINKS Learning began in 1998 as a multi-state project to develop electronic resources that support states in their efforts to implement educational reform. These states included the state education agencies of Arkansas, California, Illinois, Pennsylvania, and Washington.
Each state has developed initiatives such as curriculum mapping, administrator resources, teacher resources, and student materials.

By September 2000, the project had moved to focus on the development of a state of the art, E-learning, professional development resource. Washington State has managed LINKS Learning and continues to guide its development. The site is organized in two basic ways - by the roles of key educational stakeholders such as kids, teachers, principals, superintendents and parents and by areas of subject matter content.

This E-learning site has involved Washington's Office of Superintendent of Public Instruction and partner organizations including the Technology Based Learning and Research Project at Arizona State University; the Washington school districts involved in the Washington Alliance for Better Schools; Carkhuff Thinking Systems; Limelight Technologies, Inc.; Fairfax County, Virginia schools; and Educational Service District 113 in Olympia, Washington.

LINKS is continuing to create professional development and information resources. These developments and refinements continue to be placed on the site. LINKS Learning is also developing three-hour training modules that extend the reading and math portions of the site.

LINKS would be happy to hear from you - your reactions, ideas, suggestions for improvement, or ideas for making the site more useful. You can contact the project at or (360) 725-6035.

Thank you for visiting the site.

Shirley McCune
LINKS Project Director

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